Topi Inn, in Padangbai, Bali has been operating since 1989. We cater as a gathering place for mostly dive schools by way of using our pleasant open restaurant, convenient showers, amenities, having a nice lunch or cappuccino or just supplying lunchboxes.

Now, we are proud to offer you our Sterling silver sea creature / diving collection “made by Made” primarily intended for people with a strong sense of harmony with sea animals and in particular for divers. We call our new business, Scuba-Silver. We especially feature the animals seen locally like the MolaMola, the Manta, Seahorse, and Sharks.

As a reputable business we guarantee the sterling silver to remain at a constant 92.5% and aim only at top quality jewelry. A full display for viewing, of 42 pieces right now is featured at Topi Inn.Fore more information, please visit the website or mail us at:

Website: Scuba Silver